95 Watt Laptop Power Supply For Car

95 Watt Laptop Power Supply For Car
A laptop or anthology computer user while they are abroad from the home or appointment knows that eventually or after they will charge to bung into a mains aperture to top up the batteries. The car cigarette lighter atrium in the car is additionally an electrical aperture but it can alone accumulation 12 V. That’s no botheration for the Laptop Ability Accumulation declared here. The laptop ability accumulation declared actuality plugs into a car cigarette lighter atrium and produces a 19V nominal achievement voltage adjustable by + – 0.5V. The ascribe voltage ambit is from 9.2V to 15V and the achievement voltage shows acceptable adjustment alike with ample fluctuations of the ascribe voltage. The achievement can accumulation 5A continuosly with abrupt excursions up to 10A.
The ability semiconductor heatsinks of this laptop ability accumulation are dimensioned fo 5A connected so continued operation up to 10A will access amusement in the adapter and in acute cases will account the ascribe agglutinate to complain.
Laptop PSU Adaptor Parts List
R1 = 5k6
R2 = 51k (51k1)
R3 = 9k1 (9k1)
R4 = 1M
R5 = 4k7
R6,R8 = 15k
R7 = 27k
R9,R10 = 6,8
R11 = 10k
R12 = 100
P1 = 5k preset
C1-C4 = 3300µF 16V, radial, low ESR, diam. 12.5 mm, e.g. Panasonic EEUFC1C332 (Farnell)
C5,C10 = 1µF MKT, advance angle 5mm or 7.5mm (larger adaptation preferred)
C12 = 1µF MKT, advance angle 5 mm
C6-C9 = 2200µF 25V radial, low ESR, diam. 12.5mm, e.g., EEUFC1E222 (Farnell)
C11 = 22nF, advance angle 5mm
C13 = 2nF2, advance angle 5mm
C14,C15 = 100nF ceramic, advance angle 5mm
C16 = 10µF 63V radial
L1 = 56µH, 21 turns 10 x 0.5 mm ECW, parallel
1 x ETD 29 braid forner, vertical mounting, Epcos B66359X1014T1 (Schuricht # 331622)
2 x ETD 29 clamp, Epcos B66359-A2000 (Schuricht # 333862)
2 x ETD 29 amount half, actual # N67, air gap 0.5mm, Epcos B66358-G500-X167 (Schuricht # 333840)
D1 = MBR1645 (International Rectifier) (e.g. Reichelt, Segor)
T1 = IRL2505 (International Rectifier) TO-220AB case, (e.g., RS Components)
T2 = BD139
T3 = BD140
IC1 = UC3843N (Texas Instruments) (e.g. Reichelt, Segor)
K1-K4 = 2-way burrow terminal, vertical, PCB mount
F1 = fuse, 10A/T (slow) 6.3 x 32 mm (¼ x 1¼ inch) + 2 agglutinate holders for 6.3 mm bore and PCB mounting
2 x heatsink blazon SK104-STC (or STS) TO220 38.1mm, 11K/W (Fischer Electronic) Isolating washers for T1 and D1 (TO-220AB) + isolating bushes

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